OSG signs with AMO

Its interesting about getting back credit on pension Deck Officers in MEBA. It seems it was in the courts 2021.

see attach

Jordan v. The Meba Pension Tr., Civil Action ELH-20-3649 | Casetext Search + Citator**

No back benefits in court case against ex-UMOA/MEBA Licensed Deck Officers vs. MEBA Plans

…. Regulations were modified via agreement between Keystone and MEBA incorporating the pension credit terms of the Merger Agreement. Jordan has plausibly alleged that the Trustees abused their discretion in denying him the pension credit. I will deny the Motion.

Civil Action No. ELH-20-3649

Date: September 10, 2021 /s/

Ellen L. Hollander

United States District Judge



I heard MEBA has the 30% in Pledge Cards to force a vote.

One guy who claims pension credit from 1995 is denied? This counts as deck officers from 2021? Are you retarded?

But how much OT was your last contract? I’m looking forward to knowing how much a company in “this day and age” should pay.

You are using the R-word as an insult and a slur; it is hurtful. It is a form of bullying - Not cool. Having a special needs child is challenging and needs support though to his life.

Let’s keep it on track, emotions are high. OSG deck officers are mad and upset at how the company has and continues to treat them. It is unacceptable and we owe it to them to keep this tread on track as they continue their fight for representation.

The AMO is well-known for capitulation and collaboration with management. Representation of the membership, not so much.

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I miss that 6.6%. Now its 1% until you reach year 4. Then its 2%, etc. The age/time based plan was better for the majority. Assuming you had nothing in your favor under the old plan, the breakeven point is after 20+ years sailing. I shouldn’t be too upset, they bargained a 1% and >1% raise the last 2 years for me.

They do shit like this and then folks wonder why there are 36 3rd jobs on the board. Embarrassing. But ive got low standards.


So when’s the OSG deckie decision coming??

MEBA deck officers can take training at MITAGS with full lodging and travel and food or any USCG approved school and be reimbursed up to the cost at MITAGS including travel and food.

They also get pension credit for there time at any of these schools.

They get to pick the school hotel and schedule. I know of several schools in florida.

MEBAs deck officer training plan truly cant be beat.

Any updates here?