Oops, T-boned - Ferry ULYSSE and Container Ship CSL VIRGINIA,


Is she really a virgin if she has been poked by a ferry?


Final update from December 24:

  • The ferry ‘Ulysse’ is still dry-docked at Bizerta (Tunisia); maybe for a greater overhaul during the more quiet winter season.

  • Yesterday, the container vessel “CSL Virginia / Virgin Star” left the Marmara Sea repair yard.
    Now, she enters the Aegean Sea with her new AIS-destination given as Alang… RIP.


Now to be scrapped


Coming back on the earlier reports (https://gcaptain.com/human-error-idd-in-mediterranean-ro-ros-collision-with-containership/) from Tunisia via somewhere in W.Africa about blame, I just stumbled across this from BEA-MER (French version of MAIB), updated 15 Jan, with their translation:-
" Abordage entre le porte-conteneurs chypriote CSL VIRGINIA

Au 15/01/2019 ,
l’enquête technique est toujours en cours. La France, Chypre, l’Italie et la Tunisie sont conjointement…

The investigation of this accident is still ongoing. France, Cyprus, Italy and Tunisia are jointly involved in the investigation. The investigation of an accident is considered to have been officially completed by the publication of a relevant report which focuses on the findings of the study of related evidence and information. Before the publication of the investigation report, conducted in accordance with IMO resolution MSC 255(84) and EU directive 2009/18/EC, any statements or publications that may refer to the causes of the accident as well as to the findings and recommendations resulting from the investigation, are merely rumours that do not bind France, Cyprus and Italy."
Note that Tunisia is missing from the ending rumour comment.:thinking: