Old time traditions

When was the last time someone sent a new crew member out for prop wash, look out for mail buoy, sent to cook for water to give the compass rose, sent to the engineer for some relative bearing grease or sent to the forward hold to get some lubber Iine?

Getting grilled by HR for harassment is the last thing I need.

I have done the relative bearing grease in recent times. The barrel of sea bats thing is out though due to causing problems with me & HR.

I’ve been lurking for quite awhile. Strange that it is this thread that prompted me to finally uncloak. Has anyone found the keys to the seachest? I’ve looked everywhere.

Last year I had a deckhand tuning the radar with foil on his arms.

Have to feed the keel hog (mate kjølsvinet).

When I was a teen on my first boat I got told to grab some anchor polish to scrub the anchor. All I could find was stainless steel cleaner. I was told that would do. Someone took a pic of me doing it. I was kinda bummed when, after two hours at it, the captain dropped it on our next fishing spot.

I was sent for a bucket of steam on my first ship. This was waaayyyy before pisstests. I took an hour off and came back with a bucket of water and told the Bos’n that the steam melted.
More recently on the Great Lakes I burst into the galley and told the green cook, “Look! dolphins!” She looked.

I wonder if that fellow ever figured out how to get the bucket deep enough to bring up some blue water.

[QUOTE=Swampfox;145989]Last year I had a deckhand tuning the radar with foil on his arms.[/QUOTE]

I recently watched a video of someone doing much the same on FB. . .

[QUOTE=Traitor Yankee;145980]Getting grilled by HR for harassment is the last thing I need.[/QUOTE]

You should download the “hurt feelings report”, but that could cause more irritation… Even though they would probably bust out laughing.

Red and green running light oil. They aren’t compatible

Drinking, wasn’t that an “old time tradition” on vessels?

[QUOTE=sailorman1981;146260]Drinking, wasn’t that an “old time tradition” on vessels?[/QUOTE]

Where’s me ration of grog!!!

We sent the new 3rd mate ( fresh from academy) for a sound powered telephone battery. Had him looking for 20 minutes. Had the whole boat laughing