Old Shipwreck From 1800's Discovered At Boston Construction Site

You certainly come across a lot of interesting things when you do [FONT=arial]below-grade[/FONT] excavation.

[li]The uncovered ship was wooden and about 50 feet long. It had at least two masts.[/li][li]It held a large cargo of wooden barrels that contained lime, possibly from the Rockland area of Maine. The team found several dozen barrels of lime, suggesting the entire bottom of the ship was covered with lime barrels.[/li][li]Most of the wood is charred, suggesting that the ship burned. When lime gets wet it reacts to produce heat, which can cause fires.[/li][li]The team was unable to determine if the discovered ship was deliberately scuttled in the low-lying mudflats when the fire started, or if it ran aground and then burned.[/li][/ul]