Offshore Oil & Gas news

Once upon a time a giant in the Offshore Construction business, McDermott has fallen on hard times:

Together with Brown & Root, CB&I, Bechtel, Ingram and SantaFe they were the leader in the field for many years. But they were too slow to modernize from the old barges to modern construction vessel, like the one in the picture.

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Reducing GHG emission from FPSOs will make for “cleaner” oil production:

PS> Some Norwegian Offshore platforms are already receiving hydro power from shore, or power from floating wind farms close to the fields, for the same reason.

McDermott is looking in better shape:

Modern equipment and technology helps.

Another irresponsible foreign company has been polluting pristine US Gulf waters:

Hilarious. Transocean still claims to be in Switzerland? Maybe their P.O. box.

Yes they are legally a Swiss company since 2008 and listed on the Swiss stock exchange since 2010:

They apparently share their address with a few other companies. ( American and others):

I know. I remember when a US news crew went to the “office” years ago and the only one there was a cleaning lady who had not seen anyone. Perhaps they have actual people there now.

You mean they didn’t stay long?:

Or are they still living happily in Geneva and the office in Zug is only for show (AKA." legal reasons")??:

Australian Offshore is busy:

VERY close to the line between Timor Leste and Australia EEZs:

The producing Bayu - Undan Field is situated inside Timor Leste EEZ, but operated from Australia.
A 500 km gas pipeline goes to a processing plant and export facility near Darwin:

Aussie union showing muscles:

The background story:

Not offshore but oil & gas: