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Reverse engineer and repurpose this gadget and get it right.

Rather expensive, for an improbable result.
How would a woman react, when approaching her with this hideous ‘thing’ on?

Norway is not in the EU.

Weird because bananas are usually bent, at least in Europe.
Maybe your bananas are straight. (Everything is bigger, better and straighter in the US, right??)

Actually I prefer these bananas:

  • Pisang lemak manis or 40-day bananas: Named for their quick maturation period, these bananas are the same size as pisang mas. They are distinguishable by their tapered tips, which are green when unripe. Sweet and creamy-textured, they are suitable for eating and cooking.

Not easily available in Norway, unfortunately. (No, not because they are straight)
Here they are used to the “normal” type from Central America:

  • Cavendish: The most common supermarket banana cultivar, these are widely grown and exported globally, more because of their uniformity and durability than flavour. They are 20 to 25cm long, with smooth and creamy but bland flesh. Fragrant only when extremely ripe.

PS> They even throw bananas away when they get “sugar spots” and are getting ready for eating. Weird

Despicable Me 2 Minion banana Song - video Dailymotion

Bananas are a big issue in the EU, UK and France make sure they come from current and former colonies.
Germany hates that so says we are going to buy from Panama.
The rest then point out you are giving money to the mafia so it all goes quiet again.