Off topic from Illegal dumping

I just search this forum for “3rd world villagers” and it came up with a lot of post where this specific term were used.
Yes, some hit were on posts where I had used the term, but a lot were by other posters. (hence my posts) Not ALL by one person and not “about 10 years ago”.

Similar terms and other derogatory statement about “foreign” seafarer’s qualifications and abilities can be found all though this forum. (Some from long before I joined

If you look for posts with uninformed statements about “FOC” and “Open Registers” (They are not the same) there are plenty. (Low quality built rustbuckets that don’t follow IMO rules etc.)
If this was actually the case, how come several of the FOCs are scoring better with the MOUs than the US-flag fleet?

Not to mention posts about foreigners “buying their licences”, being “unqualified”, or being unskilled and lacking the abilities to perform simple maintenance and repair tasks. (Engineers)
(Remember NOLA??)

Before you demand proof again, look at links I have posted here earlier, every time this is brought up.

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