Oceans endorsement only issued for domestic?


Which brings me back to my personal matter with the school that myself and my employer chose…and them not being forthcoming with requirements, or obvlious or a combination of both…


Ok I see now thanks


Yeah that really blows! I’d ask for a refund.


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I still don’t understand what good it is to have ‘upon oceans’ on the national license and have the near coastal limitation on the stcw. Having upon oceans on the national license isn’t worth a sh-t if the stcw shows a near coastal limitation, as far as I can see. [/quote]

Apparently that view is not universally shared. See the original Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for the 2010 STCW. In it, it was proposed to merge the requirements of STCW and the national endorsement, i.e. you could not get the national endorsement without meeting all of the STCW requirements.

In comments on the NPRM, that proposal was widely criticized, and was withdrawn in a Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (SNPRM). From the SNPM, describing the comments received on the NPRM:

Thirty commenters express the feeling that, in order to remove confusion, the Coast Guard needs to separate the domestic standards from the STCW standards. The Coast Guard agrees and, in this proposed rulemaking, has clearly separated the two schemes for the STCW and domestic endorsements. For STCW endorsements, this proposed rulemaking incorporates the sea service and training requirements from the STCW Convention and Code to ensure consistency and clarity.

James D. Cavo
U.S. Coast Guard
Mariner Credentialing Program
Policy Division (CG-MMC-2)


As already noted, this is not correct. See 46 CFR 15.1103.


Assessments aren’t a big deal if you are working somewhere where you are underway regularly.
My current job, I’m lucky if I go offshore once a month…lots of dock time.


At this point I’d be happy to have a job at all…


yes sir, that is something we can all understand and agree on.


Back in September I managed by pure coincidence to find someone I can do the assessments with, who meets the requirements. Since my application had long since expired, with me giving up for the time being, I reapplied.
I turned my assessments in the last week of September and now have the limitation of ‘near coastal’ removed from my STCW Master and OICNW. New stickers came in the mail last week.

With all the pissing and moaning I’ve done about the NMC lately I find it ironic that I only had a two and a half week turn around on this transaction. I lucked out for a change.


I don’t know if it still applies since I took the course about five years ago and included assessments, but after a long search back then the only management level celestial course with assessments included was at the Star Center.

It was a nice class, I don’t know if they can still do the sign offs, but we went to the pier each morning and at lunch to get our sights for the management level celestial assessments.

Only class I did there, was worth it. I hope it still works for you.