Obtaining a Mexican Licence

I have a 1600 ton USCG masters licence. I have the opportunity to work in Mexico but will need to obtain Mexican Credentials for the job. Do any of you have any information on how i should go about getting this completed? Who do I need to contact for this?

Thanks for your help

President Trump.

Have they mentioned pay? Typically a Mexican license would earn you a Mexican paycheck.

I know of one Honduran who married a Mexican woman and obtained Mexican citizenship and a mariner’s credential. He was immediately awarded with a MASSIVE pay cut.

I’ve been tied up alongside Mexican tugs. They have a big crew with 6 academy grad officers with unlimited licenses, plus unlicensed ratings. The pay is low. Awhile ago, the 2nd Mate from our Mexican assist boat came aboard. He said it was a great job. He worked 60/60 and made $3,000 a month. They have a tough job market too. The Mexican tugboat guys I’ve seen are quite good and the speak English well enough.

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A Mexican maritime license isn’t even worth the effort you put into starting this thread to ask your question. The people who issue Mexican licenses couldn’t even tell you how to get a Mexican license & would laugh you out of their office for asking. Unless you went to school in Tampico, Veracruz or Mazatlan Mexico for 4 years it is impossible to become a Mexican maritime officer.

You must be married to a Mexican national. Years ago when the Mayan coast was planning to attract cruise ships I looked into starting a shuttle business to service them. I ran into a brick wall. The business had to be Mexican owned and as an American I could only be employed if no Mexicans were qualified for the job. The Mexican government is not as kind to illegal immigrants as the US. I was advised in no uncertain terms that if I was caught working illegally I would be thrown in jail.


I spent a small bit of time in Mexico a few years ago and can validate your statement. Their wages are really low compared to US standards and most vessels seem to have a larger crew than in the GOM. We kept an American Master and Engineer type while the rest had to be Mexican nationals.

Mexican License = work at Taco Bell.

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