I’m mexican with american residense (green card).
I just finish My studies in the mexican merchant academy and have all My documents in order.

Having said that, if i want to go to the US and work on any american vessel, do i need the US MMC ? Or can i do it with My mexican MMC ?
P.S. I am a deck cadet.

To work on most American vessels you would need to complete your STCW training in the USA. Your foreign STCW won’t be accepted. Most (but not all) seagoing positions require MMC.

Your Mexican MMC is invalid on American vessels.

You say you are a deck cadet, but don’t say whether as officer or unlicensed. Officers on American ships must be American citizens

You can sail as an A.B. seaman but you need an American A.B. endorsement. Your foreign seatime, if any, may count as part of that seatime. You apply through the USCG for the endorsement/ MMC.

You can sail as OS/wiper without an endorsement, but for many positions you will still need the American STCW training, and the MMC.

American fishing vessels, and some American vessels operating wholly in U.S. waters, don’t require any STCW endorsement, but still need endorsement for the A.B. position, and officers must still be American citizens. OS/wipers don’t need MMC on fishing vessels.

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Thank You so much for your time. I spend hours finding if i have to tramit the american MMC.
Yes, i’m a deck cadet as officer, in México the name of the Carrer is “Piloto Naval” or naval Pilot in English.

I’m looking forward an oportinity to start with My apprentice year and once acomplish all that became an officer.
I keep looking but i guess it Will be here in mexico.

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That’s correct, if you train in Mexico, you will be able to advance your career in Mexico. If you wanted to get green card or student visa in US and go to an American academy, you might be able to get US citizenship and US job.

Citizenship requirement.
MMC requirement.