NZ coastal trade

NZ try to rebuild their coastal trade, but there are loopholes:
Maersk should be employing New Zealand seafarers for its new local service | Scoop News.

PS> We trading on the Aussie coast in 1970 with a Norwegian flag ship.
90% of the cargo from down south was for North Qld and NT, 10% for Port Moresby, PNG (Which was still an Australian Protectorate at the time)

The body blow is the government has closed down the offshore oil business in New Zealand with the loss of jobs in this sector. There are Kiwis employed in the oil patch in every corner of the globe as I was, one I know is in Egypt at present. The problem is returning home on leave means 2 weeks in quarantine which must be booked in advance and is booked out months in advance before you can board an aircraft. The period in quarantine costs $5000 and without knowing your exact dates it has almost become impossible.

Who pays for the cost of repatriating the mariner? Do they receive wages while waiting to go home?

No. He like another guy I know gets paid 4 weeks on and 4 off plus his airfare. Another guy has stayed in Brazil during his time off. He has been there for 6 months and is trying to get home.

A little late: