NTSB Report Engine E xplosion and F ire aboard Towing Vessel The Admiral


That would make you like Lloyds inspector. You show up with your check list and do your thing. You note some things that don’t meet specs and write them up. Your time is up and you are sent off to the next assignment. You check your email to see if the deficiency have been corrected. Ship tells you "Sure, all is OK now, corrected and recorded in Synergi."
Three months later you show back up and check on the issues you noted in earlier survey but are disappointed they were not corrected to normal industry standards so you report that. Next thing you know you get a phone call from your boss explaining how they are a major client, can’t afford to lose them due to adhering to the letter of regulation, so you be quiet or find another job.


So many people don’t seem to understand this major flaw in the system.

I like Jack Devanney’s idea of having port state control do really strict and comprehensive inspections on all ships entering the country. Especially if the US and all of Western Europe agreed on the same standards.


A common MINIMUM standard for government imposed ship requirements and inspection is a great idea.

The shipowner hired and controlled flags of convenience and class societies of convenience need to be phased out.