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Strange that is doesn’t look much like a BULLY or GLOBETROTTER

[B]Statoil awards contract for arctic drillship concept design[/B]

SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 — Norway’s Statoil has awarded Oslo based design and engineering house Inocean a contract for the concept design for its new CAT I drillship.

Inocean CEO Jon Erik Borgen says the contract, which includes an option for FEED (front-end engineering and design), is his company’s most important ever.

According to Statoil, CAT I will be a new arctic drilling unit able to operate across its arctic acreage.

“Being developed for arctic operations, we are probably speaking of the most advanced and sophisticated unit evolved within drilling operations,” says Mr. Borgen. “Having this opportunity to develop the drillship of tomorrow is a big recognition of our design and engineering capabilities. We also appreciate that a Norwegian designer was chosen by Statoil in a strong competition with several major international players.”

Inocean says the CAT I Drillship will be tailored for the Statoil Arctic step-up program through suitable winterization, increased capabilities and a hull suitable for operations in ice infested waters. It is designed to minimize the environmental footprint and arranged with maximum focus on HSE. The design is based on the INO-80 Drillship

well, it will still take a few years before it sails out and operate up north, it seems.

“Statoil has today awarded several contracts for the design of the category-I drillship. This is a drillship that will be specifically designed for Statoil to cover the needs for drilling in the arctic. The drillship or drillships are expected to commence operations in 2017 or 2018.”

Could not find a better thread to link this, but Aker Solutions is also working on an Arctic drillship design:

Gusto also has 2 designs one turret for shallow water and one dp for deeper. Both are well designed