Now is the time for the Navy to focus on details

There was a time … when smart ships or boats weren’t known as such because of computers doing all major functions. A smart ship used to be known as such for the first impression made when someone first walked up her brow and noticed how sharp and squared away the watchstanders were who greeted them, the attention to detail in displays of fancy and brass work, and how smartly every maneuver was carried out in at-sea formations

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There still is on some vessels.

I bet if I walked up your gangway I could tell a difference throughout your vessel.

Let me know if you are going to be in Port Hueneme. I would live to test my theory.

Be nice to think that true’s but maybe, maybe not. The company, charterer and so forth set a fairly high minimum standard, trying to improve beyond that the effort/benefit curve gets steep fast.

Another thing is like I said on one of the food threads here, takes a certain alignment of the stars. Some can be attributed to the crew, some not. With a good C/M, bos’n then, depending on the schedule, time of year, age of the ship etc. Same in the engine room.

But in principle I do agree with the thinking. I noticed it in the CG. One ship was well run and high attention to detail the other not so much. However I don’t know how much that had to do with the captain and how much to the fact that the good one was stationed in Governor’s Island NY with high level scrutiny and the other in Kodiak Ak.

As far as Port Hueneme, I retired. Still keeping an eye to windward, just not on the water anymore.

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Captain, I was attempting to give you a compliment.

Regardless of all you said, it all begins and ends with leadership and communication and you seem to exude the former and your comments address the latter.