Now for once, good news to post here!....I hope?

It appears that Veolia Offshore is buying the SIEM SWORDFISH and hopefully will now replace her foreign crew with Americans (as per Federal Statute!)

[B]Siem Offshore Releases the Swordfish to New Owners[/B]

By Rob Almeida On August 1, 2012

Siem Offshore announced today the sale and delivery of the 4500T multi-purpose ROV support vessel, Siem Swordfish, which was concluded on July 31st. This sale is in line with the charterer’s purchase option that was exercised in December 2009.

The gross sales proceeds is in the equivalent of USD $54 million which will be used to repay bank debt and to strengthen Siem Offshore’s working capital by USD $16 million. Due to the strengthening of the US dollar over the past few years, Siem Offshore will record a net loss of approximately USD 1.8 million in relation to the sale.

The Siem Swordfish was built in 2007 by Kleven Verft AS and is an MT 6016 L design by Marin Teknikk AS. The charterer was not disclosed.

Since Veolia was the charterer of the vessel I think it is safe to say that they are the buyer. Now let’s see if they do the right thing by the law and get a US mariner crew on that ship!

Gawd I hope so. Everytime that boat makes a securite call I struggle to understand what the hell they’re saying.

c.captain is onto something here. We all need to do whatever we can to hold the government’s feet to the fire to enforce the Jones Act.

I have seen a couple ads recently from Veoila looking for officers, but they conveniently left out the contact info on how to get in touch with anybody.

It would be so nice to get on a home flag boat like that, I get tired of all these furenrs, all day.

I hope your right.

Several jobs for Veoila just posted on Rigzone, including this one. Presumably, they are accepting resumes through Rigzone. Also, it shouldn’t be too har to find out where their office is located.

Veolia ES Marine Offshore Division
Updated: Jul 31 2012
Desired Expertise: Captain, SMS/ISPS, Oceans/All STCW Certifications, USCG Master Unlimited.
Experience: 7+ years
Minimum Education: Tech/Vocational Cert.
Location: TX, US
Job Status: Active / Open
Please login to bookmark Job Description:
Experienced in Operation of DP vessels. Vessels engaged in oilfield subsea construction and dive support operations. Responsible for vessels safe and efficient operation, directing and supervising crew, vessel maintenance and compliance with the requirements of all regulatory and statutory authorities. Solid knowledge of SMS/ISPS. Has to be in possession of DP certificate.

Applicant Requirements:

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Location: North America

[QUOTE=tugsailor;76796]c.captain is onto something here. We all need to do whatever we can to hold the government’s feet to the fire to enforce the Jones Act.[/QUOTE]

Just for clarification, it isn’t the Jones Act that is the applicable law here but rather the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act which states that foreign flagged vessels owned or controlled by US companies working on the OCS are to be manned with US citizens. This is the law that has been so blatantly violated for decades now and which must finally to be enforced by OUR government.

Just as a matter of note. I am in touch with the USCG over this development and keeping them informed.

Oh ya baby that has got me wrote all over it. 3516 Cats, seimens VFD’s, rolls royce drive’s, hydra marine heave comp crane, 2 triton XLS rov’s. That is all I done for the past 10 years.

I was planning a trip to Houston when I get off this trip anyhow. Just another stop to make on my adventure.

I just wonder if they are going to pay squat.