Not all is Gloom and Doom in the Offshore industry

Dolphin Drilling gets a new contract for one of their Semisubs:

Note: The Blackford Dolphin is an Aker H3 type, built in 1974. (totally refurbished 2008). She crosses the Atlantic to work, while much newer rigs goes to the scrap yard.

PS> Those with long memory and knowledge of the history of the Offshore drilling industry may know that Dolphin Drilling was originally an American company with some swamp rigs operating in the the US and a tender assisted jackup (Bali Dolphin) working in Indonesia.
The company was purchased by Fred Olsen Energy in 1974 to get hold of personnel with drilling knowledge. The name was adopted for their operation with Aker H3 rigs in the North Sea-

PPS> Maersk drilling did somewhat the same. They established Atlantic Pacific Marine Corp.(APMC), bought three small drilling contractors in USA and established Aquamarine in Singapore that had a tender and Platform rig working for Brunei Shell.Both were used as training ground for personnel that was to man their future rigs working in Danish waters and around the world.