Norwegian Mariners on Norwegian Ships

It is a fact that Norway is a high cost country and Norwegian seafarers are not able to compete with seafarers from low cost countries purely on costs.

What to do to maintain a stock of Norwegian Mariners to secure a supply of qualified personnel with seafaring experienced for the many Norwegian based Shipowning, Operating and Management companies that still exists?
Familiar problem for US mariners?

Here is the solution chosen by Norwegian Maritime Authorities, Shipowners Association and Seamen’s Unions in cooperation:

The answers to the questions you pose would be very interesting. I don’t see the answer in that link. What is a “net salary scheme”? and can you explain the difference between NOR and NIS. I understand one is a domestic registry and one is international. Is there a detailed explanation somewhere in english? Not finding one easily.

Is that sort of like the new USVI flag registry that was being talked about on here a while back? I still haven’t wrapped my head around that one yet…

yes I believe the USVI thing took inspiration from the Norwegian model

Here is the basic explanation of the difference between NOR and NIS registers:
For those want more details:
FYI: All official publications from NMA are available in English

PS> NO NIS IS NOT A FOC REGISTER by IMO definition, no matter what is the popular opinion here. It was established to COMPETE with FOC registers, however.