Norwegian Freighter Arrested for Abusive Employment

Bergen registered Ottar was arrested in Måløy today due to a number of deficiencies. She is run by Havsula Invest as a fish farm tender. Two Filipino crew members were found to be paid only USD 1.100 per month, as well as lacking work visas or residence permits. A company representative denied that anything was wrong on board and contended that the cited deficiencies only amounted to minor issues, but refused commenting on specific accusations.

Norwegian article on NRK - Hilarious Translation

Am I the only one who’s surprised?

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The two filippinos are tampered with by the police and their fearsome fits up to now. Lensmann Nils Bakke at Vågsøy Länsmannskontor, the two filipinosans do not know that they have been triumphed yet and that they will be transported to Bergen, where they will be taken care of as an expulsion bag.

Oh dear…:rofl::rofl:

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Who are you calling an expulsion bag!?!

Load line?? You mean that thing some idiot painted on the side?
If the water doesn’t get over the top of my wellingtons when crossing the deck we can still take on board a few more tons of herring.

Seen here in better days as the Icelandic Seiner/Trawler Isleifur:

The original article was written in Nynorsk, which Google has a great problem understanding.

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I am a bit surprised that anybody gets away with this.This vessel is NOR register as far as I can find out (??) and the rules should be clear enough.
I also don’t know if this is a one off case, or if there are more coastal vessels under NOR flag that operate outside the law.
Anybody with more knowledge of the coastal trade that can enlighten me??

I certainly don’t know about Norway.

But there are plenty of illegal aliens on US fishing vessels.

I occasionally see them on US tugs too. When I raised concerns, one owner said “Don’t worry about it, we won’t get caught.” Even if we do, “it’s only a small fine.”

The Government admits that there are 20 million illegals in US, but I do not believe that government really has any idea. I’d bet on more like 40 million illegals in the US. They are everywhere. There isn’t much serious enforcement.


Well, the guy from the directorate describes it as an endemic issue. I really thought that the business was so thoroughly regulated as to make this kind of thing impossible, hence the surprise. Come to think of it, this may just be an example of how you don’t get away with it…