Norway's Havfarm Plans U.S. Wind Installation Vessel

so they plan to build in China and just how much does anyone want to bet they also plan to operate with a foreign flag and crew as well?

where is our MOTHER FUCKING Congress and Administration here? I wrote to my Representative who is a ranking member of the House Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee and got a call from a flunky staffer who said pretty much that my Representative has more pressing issues (like keeping Boeing sucking billions of dollars on a great Government tit) than to deal with this issue. I asked to have a personal meeting with Rick Larsen to discuss this but was flatly turned down that he is “too busy” to meet me. And thus down and down we go and will continue to do so. Only John Garamendi cares but he pulls no levers and nobody in the leadership will listen to him. Every proposal he makes to build any kind of US flagged fleet of merchant ships is simply DOA!