Norway Is Walking Away From Billions of Barrels of Oil

The battle was within one political party and not a decision by the Government of the time. I think too much have been made of it.
So far this is a political fight over whether to even make an impact study, not about awarding exploration permits in the area.

Nothing is decided yet, nor is the political fight over by a long way.

Here is a long article about a lady that is fighting tooth and nail against ANY talk of oil exploration in the Lofoten/Vesteraalen/Senja (LOVESA) offshore area.
She makes her living as a fisherman/woman there, being the owner and single person on board a 34’ “sjark”:

Don’t know how well it will translate, but hopefully good enough to get a feel for her point of view and why she hold it.

For those who don’t have the patience to read the entire article, here is the essence of her view on the matter:

I like the last bit:

Not sure if that would be self caught and cut Cod Tongues, or of the last bit is left to local kids to make some pocket money, as is normal.