Norway is really awesome


Hmm things not so perfect in the workers paradise?


Very little of that article is about Norway and not even that is entirely accurate:

Unemployment in Norway is well below 5% as stated and are falling.
That is NOT regarded as “full employment” here. It is the highest it has been in decades and regarded as a major problem, although generous unemployment benefits soften the blow for those affected. They can be happy they are not suffering unemployment in the US.

Wages are adjusted annually through collective bargaining between the Unions and the Employers organizations and obviously reflects the high unemployment and tight economy at the moment,
Since the average wages are already way above that in other European countries and the US, there are obviously not much room for increases.

How a self-employed painter is faring is more dependent on the construction market then on union wages.


You’re beating your head against a very thick wall here chief.

It seems the bugg has joined the fake news movement. Perhaps he has more in common with America than he thinks.


It seams to me that you cannot believe that there are countries and people that have a different system and mindset than yours.

You may fact check anything I write on here. If you find anything that is “fake news” or otherwise inaccurate, I’ll be the first to admit and correct it. I have it from the best sources on the Internet, how can I be wrong??:


How much do tugboat captains earn in Norway? Assume something like, CoC of Master STCW II/2 3000 GT , and a typical 30 meter, 2500kw, tug towing a 100 meter barge along the coast with occasional nearby foreign voyages. ( I understand that you don’t have much coastal barge traffic compared to the US. )


Without access to Collective Agreement at the moment, I have to guess, 90- 100K$ a year, 28/28. The Norwegian Kroner is very weak at the moment to counter the oil prices.


So, pretty close to the US.

I take it the European jobs advertised for $10,000 a month would also sound kind of low to Norwegians.


The exchange rate makes it very tempting.


I tried to check this, but the tariffs are apparently only available to members of the relevant Unions.
I see Kraken has given you a figure and he should know, being active in the business.
(Not an “Oil crises refugee”, like me)

You are right, there are not much barge traffic along the Norwegian coast, at least not in any regular trade. Nearly all coastal shipments goes by ships in some form, even sand and gravel etc. Most are now either specialized pallet carriers, or multi-purpose vessels carrying both Containers, palletized cargo and heavy/bulky cargo.

There are also a lot of vessels engaged in the Fish Farming business. Fairly large vessels carrying feed, live fish for slaughter and smolt to restock the pens. Smaller boat doing net cleaning service, de-licing and inspection by diver and ROVs are also a major business. All are very specialized vessels.

PS> I have posted pictures of some of these vessels in the Pictures of Ships thread FYI.

Tugs and barges are mainly used for transportation of hull sections. offshore modules and other such items, both along the coast and from other places in Northwest Europe. Towage of complete hulls from Poland, the Baltics Romania and Turkey and scrap ships the other way, is also done by tugs. (Many are not Norwegian., though)


Now all Norwegians are Millionaires, at least in NOKs:


Are you aware that the Norwegian fund was modeled on the Alaska Peremenant Fund? There are more similarities than differences. So you can thank the three Americans who came up with the idea: Gov. Walter Hickel, Gov. Jay Hammond, and I forget the name of the other guy.


Yes the idea of a sovereign fund is not new and to fill it up with money earned from oil may possibly have been influenced by the Alaskan eqv.

But if you are going to thank any one, or a few persons for it becoming the largest sovereign fund in the world that honour goes to the person that convinced the Norwegian politicians and bureaucrats that there were even a slight possibility that oil could be found on the Norwegian continental shelf and that they should not give it away to American Oil Companies.

The “Father” of Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry, and by default the Oil Fund, was an Iraqi immigrant by the name of Farouk Al-Kasim:

So, like US can thank immigrants for most of their major inventions and the large number of Nobel Prices, Norway can thank an immigrant for their wealth today.


Yeah, I think it best we take care of our own immigration issues ourselves, but thanks for the heads up.


Yes that is a good idea. You haven’t been doing too bad so far. Just look at how many people have arrived the last couple of hundred years, most legally and voluntarily. Most of them have turned out quite good.
Not bad for a former Colony of the British Empire.


Not to make you jealous or anything, but here is white paper from the Norwegian Government outlining their plans and support for the Maritime industries in these hard times:

I presume MARAD is watching what others do, but just in case, maybe sending them a copy of the above would be an idea??


I came across this website with information about the EU Maritime industry FYI:

Here is the pay scale according to this website:

PS> I have no idea about the reliability of the information, or the source.


Shore power for OSVs, Cruise ships and others while in port save money and reduce local pollution:

Combining this with other incentives for the Cruise industry to go green:


Iran is becoming a major market for innovative companies in Norway. A newly started company has got a major contract to build Solar Parks there:

It is not the only Norwegian company with ambitions in Iran:

Aquaculture is also an attractive area for Norwegian companies with the right technology and equipment:


Unrealistic demand from Norwegian Unions that the John Castberg FPSO MUST be built in Norway:

Since there are no longer any yards in Norway able to build a hull of this size, the contract will most likely go to Korea. (Or China. with outfitting in Singapore??)


Wait wait wait… Norway doesn’t have the shipyard capacity to build something this big??? You mean there is something to do with shipbuilding that Norway can’t do? This has to be #fakenews!

Oh and why is it an unrealistic demand by the Norwegian union that Norwegians want it built in Norway?