NOAA specific question ship transfers?

Hi I’m loving San Diego for most part but I’m thinking I don’t fit in here. I love doing the job just they already have a GVA and it’s been said around me that I’m an extra GVA… sooo… what I want to know do I just ask for a ship transfer ? Or can I go from permanent ship placement to aug pool?

Oh wanted to add is it even possible to get ship transfer or aug pool once I’m assigned a ship?

Edited to add how does the aug pool work ?

there’s a lady back east responsible for intership transfers, i wrote many times but never received a response but knew there was a seattle ship needing help so I just up and drove there, stayed till i retired but i suppose it could of been a different story?
either wait them out, call another boat or you could do the aug pool but you might ‘fade away’ there.

You may be an “extra” GVA but that shouldn’t stop you from learning the job. You have basically just arrived. You need the time in this position to move up. This is the time you should begin thinking about what your next step career wise should be. Asking to transfer off what your first ship just doesn’t look good.

Just my 2 cents.

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It’s been many years since the augmentation pool for me. Likely things have not changed much. Augmenters can be licensed engineers or deck officers, I did not know they allowed GVAs now. As a GVA you are at the very bottom of the totem pole. But if you work hard you will have opportunities to advance or transfer. GVA is an entry level job for all government maritime jobs, if you are a new GVA and don’t like your assignment it may be best to adapt or find another line of work.

Oh heck let me clear it up I like it think to be honest I’m going through an adjustment period thanks for responses

gCaptain is not the place to ask these questions; there happens to be a few of us NOAA folks lingering around but if you really want to transfer then talk to your XO and get some clarity. The next step is contacting the supervisor of the relief pool. But as others said you’ve only been there a few months; are you still fulfilling a job that needs to be done? Then they need you. Many vessels have multiple GVAs but they are in different departments, think of them as apprentices in that department. There are GVA - deckhands, GVA - engineers, and GVA - cooks/stewards. Ideally the GVA stays in their department, but as the name implies, they can serve where they are needed. If your ship needs a GVA - deck more than they need a GVA - steward, then you may be moved to the deck for a time. I’ve seen GVA - deck and GVA - engineers wash dishes for a couple trips because their ship needed someone. So just because there are multiple GVAs doesn’t mean they don’t need you in the galley.

Hi puck I understand and I really like the job here it’s nice here just got anxious is all. But I’m fine now just been away from shiplife for a long time so I’m just going through adjustments is all. Thanks!