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I applied to NOAA, for the position of general vessel assistant in September when NOAA was taking applications. A few day ago I received an automated email stating that my application status had been updated to "Required Documents Incomplete or Missing"
I was very thorough when filling my application. who/how do I contact to find what documents they require? I wish to get my application moving again.

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Everyone hates that effing USAJOBs portal for that reason. However, the job description does tell you what documents they want for the position.

You may end up having to re-apply. Are you able to get back into your application and review what you uploaded? If not, go back to the job announcement and see if there is a point of contact.

Also, do you have your MMD and TWIC? Did u scan and upload all pages?

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Did you figure out what’s going on?

I’m gonna say this…unless you are using this outfit as a stepping stone, with the intent to move up to AB or wiper, keep looking. You could try the inland boat unions, also read the knocking on doors in Louisiana thread. Do a search for entry level jobs.

Hello catherder and thank you for your replies.

well I think I found someone suitable for to email at NOAA 3 to 4 weeks later. they just said that NOAA started hiring GVA again and to just reapply with all my DOCS scanned.

I attended the great lakes maritime academy for several semesters…but I just could not swing it monetarily anymore. I looked in other places for work its just the STCW 95 is holding me back from all other entry-level jobs.

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thank you for your reply, and check in! sorry for my tardy reply I had log in issues. I found some sort of email address and emailed NOAA, a few weeks latter I received a reply stating to reapply…because they have opened applications for GVA again and it would just be easier.

I checked on gulf OSV prior to your suggestion, but I do not have an STCW 95. I have heard NOAA is a good place to get your foot in the door and is a fun place to work.

I did attend the great lakes maritime academy for several semesters but had to drop do to funds

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