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Quick question, how realistic is it for a common joe to go out and get his MMC and TWIC and expect to find a job with no experience at all in being a merchant marine?


That’s like asking if you had a wallet full of condoms would you have a chance at getting lucky quick. Of course. But there is no guarantees that you will get a good looking one or find one at all. But your luck in either endeavor totally hinges upon how you present yourself, where you look, how low you set your expectations and how much you are willing to pay or get paid.

all will take note how the Krakken has managed to remain comatose this afternoon and not rise to disembowel this utterly obtuse and impudent fool!

praise the little pink pills for allowing peace to reign here today!

Alas, I hear the Jaws theme song in my head.

Good day to you peerless c.captain and well done on maintaining your self control.

“xnavy”, “no experience”? You must have some experience at something! Search the threads on here, there’s LOTS of recent answers to your question. The short answer is that it is possible, % of the probability is another matter…

So far quite some time… lol I’ll let you know when I find something…

If there are little harbor tour boats where you live try to get a deckhand job with them. They may be small but you can start building sea time off of them and learn the basics at least.

[QUOTE=Jeffrox;82391]“xnavy”, “no experience”? You must have some experience at something! [/QUOTE]

Well I can think of a few “actions” that little Navee squidees are “experienced” at doing but those are skills not highly valued or appreciated on commercial vessels with heterosexual mariners. KP on the otherhand can always use a good “hand” there! It especially helps if you can play the hornpipe. Apply to Capt. Kenneth R. Force, USMS for details.

I was going to insert the 1979 SNL parody vid of “Port of call, Bayonne, New Jersey” but fucking NBC/Universal has blocked it on Ewetoob! Lousy greedy corporate slugs!

I did find this old timey Naveee vid


That old SNL skit was hilarious and poignant to me as well. I started with MSC in July 1980 as a 20 year old. Took the Waccamaw from Charleston, SC to Bayonne, NY where we sat for about two months awaiting bids for a shipyard period!

[QUOTE=xnavy;82247][I][B]how realistic is it for a common joe to go out and get his MMC and TWIC and expect to find a job with no experience at all in being a merchant marine?[/B][/I][/QUOTE]

Keep me posted, amigo. I have my TWIC but will need to get the MMC next and then see what happens. I have zero experience on ships but a friend of mine has got me interested in being a Merchant Mariner. :cool:

Speaking of no experience, I’m a guy who desperately needs to get on my feet (knocking on 30) and I browse craigslist all the time and see all of these “oil rig” job sites that promise salaries in the $40k range with no experience and only a GED or High School diploma needed. Of course when I first saw it, my eyes popped, thinking it’s a major break through but after seeing all the scams, I’m trying to figure what is real and what’s not.

But I have to admit, it has piqued my interest and I would really like to get into this line of work, but at this point, I’m the guy standing on the outside of the fence, looking at the “club” and trying to figure out how to get admitted. Basically I’m trying to learn all I can about this line of work, what I would need and what to expect.

I’ll be lurking around this forum, reading and gaining information.