NMC Disaster

The 16th was a Thursday. The “Friday before a 3 day weekend” is amusing. Are we to understand that for government workers a 3 day weekend is actually a 4 day weekend?

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Lol, any government office has a skeleton crew on Friday, and after 12 noon, all have departed. That’s any Friday of the year, no holiday weekend needed.

I was going to respond, but then I realized it’s Friday afternoon…


Lol. I’ve worked for both state and federal government employers around the country. Just passing along what I experienced.

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It’s pretty true in private sector too though.

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Basic Renewal Timeline

052622-emailed application to Charleston REC

060222-REC Martinsburg (even though I emailed Chas) acknowledges application received and forwards to NMC

060822-clears safety and suitability. Awaiting PQEB

072022-application being evaluated ….

May 31st – Baltimore REC forwarded application to NMC

June 14th – “Your application has cleared the safety and suitability vetting and is currently awaiting a professional qualification evaluation.”

Still waiting…

Yup, standard govt bureaucracy.

I agree. Mail service in my neighborhood is so bad the civic league is constantly on our US congressman who in turn is supposed to ensure our local post office is doing their job. I havent gotten mail in three days despite my USPS informed delivery telling me I have bills and other important stuff that was supposed to be delivered.

And this has been going on long before evil orange man bad appointed whomever as Postmaster General, and even before the evil orange one was elected.

Yeah, it was largely caused by the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act which Republicans passed in 2006 which, among other things, “compelled the USPS to pay in advance for the health and retirement benefits of all of its employees for at least 50 years, and stipulated that the price of postage could not increase faster than the rate of inflation.”

It was fairly clearly intended to financially cripple the postal service so Republicans could later complain about how bad it is and try to eliminate it, like they’ve been doing.

(Biden signed the law finally removing the pre payment stipulation that’s been financially crippling the USPS in April 2022.)


This would benefit Fedex, UPS, Amazon and the like. Privatisation of the US mail. I personally have never seen a nonprofit government service replaced by a profit making corporation that didn’t cost me more money. Would Fedex deliver a letter from Portland Maine to San Diego for 58 cents? I think not.


I have heard this same argument in many other realms of public, private, and semi-private industry. I think that the chief problem in the United States is that we have long, long, long, long, long-since forgotten what actual privatization actually is, not unlike in the UK.

In both Britain and the US I hear the words “private”, “for-profit” and “capitalist” flippantly kicked around to refer to businesses that are ostensibly private, but that are so ridiculously and disgustingly government-regulated, -subsidized, and -dependent that it makes me physically sick to hear them referred to as “independent” or “private” in any way!

We’re not in any position to ask “can a private entity deliver a letter from Portland, Maine to San Diego for 58 cents?” because we have nothing what-so-ever to compare it to! There is no truly private entity currently serving that market! Not even UPS or FedEx!


July 27th – Application is being evaluated.

Still waiting on August 1st.

Submitted for renewal, plain vanilla, on May 08.

Received the renewed ticket Aug 01.

4 Months. Wow.

Been sitting in the PQEB pile since 7/5/22, no movement.

Awaiting PQEB?

That’s what the website says.

6/10 application sent to Boston REC
6/14. Cleared safety and suitably, awaiting pqe
7/27 sent to pqe
8/2 emailed iask asking wtf?
8/3 Coincidentally………:thinking:approved for issuance
8/4 issued and mailed
8/5 got a response from iask saying its in the mail dumbass, stop bothering us🥱
8/8 delivered
It was for cm stcw endorsement with nvic 10-14 assessment sheets.

Straightforward renewal.

No additional information requested.

052622-Emailed application to Charleston REC

060222-REC Martinsburg (even though I emailed Chas) acknowledges application received and forwards to NMC. In Transit

060822-Awaiting PQEB

072022-Being Evaluated PQEB

072022-Approved To Print



073022-Received in mail

Medical Certificate

073122 - Emailed application to MEDAIP@uscg.mil

080122 - Martinsburg recieved,
Being Screened, Approved for issuance

080222 - Issued, Mailed

080422- Received in Mail

Sent app to REC Boston on 5/27

Acknowledged and forwarded to NMC on 6/3/22

Acknowledged and sent to the PQEB pile 7/3/22.

Additional info requested 8/9/22 but didn’t get an email or letter until 8/16/22. I have a real issue with this as it was for my BST Cert and Adv Fire Fighting cert. There is absolutely no way I didn’t send them in with the original app. I was able to email them in same day when I got home. The only possible thing I can think of is that it didn’t have my mariner number on the cert (I hand wrote it on the resend, just in case that was the reason why)

8/19/22 approved to print.

8/30/22 received.