NMC Disaster

I live in WA and did my last TWIC a couple months ago. Took about two weeks from appointment to card in hand. That has come a long way since the early days of the program (thankfully).

Also, “regular” passport renewals don’t require any sort of in-person appointment other than getting your picture taken, which can be done just about anywhere (my UPS store does them). You can print and fill all the paperwork for a renewal at home and mail it in.

I haven’t had to deal with the NMC since pre-COVID (other than Med Cert) so don’t have first-hand information on there these days, but even my last Med Cert in Sept was fairly quick (maybe a month at most?).

I still never trust any of this stuff to be timely so it’s always best to renew early. With your MMC, a straight-up renewal can be post-dated to be issued the day after your current one expires (so long as you apply within a year of the expiration) so there’s no disincentive to doing it early. You don’t even need to request this - it’s the default option unless otherwise indicated on your application.

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I live in WA and that wasn’t my experience at all. The Mt. Vernon TWIC office had no wait for walk-ins when I did mine a couple months ago. I had an appointment but they only had a handful of appointments scheduled for the day so the walk-in that came in just ahead of me went straight in for processing. Took a little over a week to get my card in the mail. I was prepared for a hassle but it was anything but.

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Thank you for passport info, I’ve been waiting 8 weeks on my twic to show up in the mail called them and was basically told they have a high volume of renewals keep calling back

My latest TWIC and Med Certs we’re prompt, about 1 week.

My last simple MMC renewal was three months.

Five years ago, I did a new passport in three days. I hear horror stories about months and months from other people since covid.

My US passport renewal took a month this past Fall. My Irish passport was issued in a day, and has been touring the U.S. courtesy of the USPS for the past 3 months.


Pay the money up front and then wait forever for results…sounds pretty standard.

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Like Amazon !

To be specific, courtesy of the man appointed to cripple voting by mail.


DeJoy is another fox guarding the chickens. The USPS has been around since Ben Franklin was in charge and they have done an excellent job. Once Fedex and UPS came into being they looked upon the USPS as competition. Thru their minions in congress they tried to bankrupt the USPS with onerous pension requirements and other measures but that didn’t work as planned. Now they have DeJoy. They might succeed this time.

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The Post Office used to be a friendly, helpful, efficient government service staffed by capable hard wiring people. There use to be a difficult and competitive civil service exam to make sure only qualified people were hired.

First is was overwhelmed with hiring PTSD veterans in the 70s. Then, it was overwhelmed with affirmative action hiring. Then it was “privatized.” Apparently no more civil service exams.

People at the post office no longer have a friendly customer service mentality. Now they have an unfriendly how can we screw with people and make up excuses to do the bare minimum attitude.

Email, Facebook, online billing, online banking, and reliable courier services, have provided people with a better alternative.

The Post Office is now just another expensive failed government program. It will never recover.

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Just got an email today to renew a minimum of 90-120 days in advance.

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I doubt that’s the way it works but I guess we’ll see.

Maybe @jdcavo can fill us in as to why they can’t email with their “requesting more information” letters so we get them faster? They could do that concurrently with mailing them since I think mailing them is a legal requirement.


As soon as I get the email saying they require more info, I call and ask for an emailed copy. Tell them you’re out of town for a couple weeks or at work for a couple months or whatever. Even if you use the chat function instead of calling - they’ll email you a PDF.

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I’ve never had them email a PDF but I’ve been about to get someone to tell me what is required. It’s annoying to have to call though.

Just ask. The person who answers the phone will do it without a hassle.

I sent my renewal in last Wednesday, I’ll keep my progress updated.

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Just sent application in to rec boston for an stcw endorsement. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I sibmitted an inquiry/chat request on 16 June, still havent heard back from them. In the past i would get same or next day replies.

That it was Friday before a 3 day weekend might have something to do with it…