Nigerian Pirates or early Santa?

Interesting situation last night while vessel was at anchor off Point Europa, Malabo, EG; in anchorage were about 6 vessels at anchor including Semisubmersible SEDCO 700.

Dark night, cloudy w/ no moon. at about 2300 hours LT saw small coaster coming up astern slowly, nothing too unusual. vessel stopped about 0.5 miles astern, a little odd. then saw small bobbing lights and possible outline of small craft come from behind her. after a few minutes bobbing lights appeared to be heading towards us, then both the coaster and the small craft turned off all lights. the sound of small engines heard out on bridge-wing.

We lit them up with our spotlights for the whole world to see and the mystery parade moved off quickly to the north. weak fading radar target.

Merry Christmas.