New ship for the US Navy

The USNS Miguel Keith has in fact two lifeboats under davits aft to be used by the civilian, i.e. non military crew of the MSC. It seems that this crew is responsible for navigation of the ship from A to B.
The USNS Miguel Keith carries cargo of a secret nature on the main deck. The cargo is protected from rain by a big helicopter platform above. A little crane is used to move the cargo.
The helicopter platform has also a hangar for the choppers and their pilots.
And that’s it. What a stupid ship!

I’m kind of curious to see how worked up you’d get over the MV Ocean Trader but I’m done spoon feeding you, you’ll have to look that one up on your own.

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As she is still a USNS (non-warship) she needs lifeboats. Once she commissions to USS I’d imagine the lifeboats are optional.

Good bet.

It’s not the tool, it’s how it’s used. (At least that what I tell the old lady.)

It is not my type of cruise ship. Jet skis for the troops. Ridiculous!

This is roro Ocean Trader. It has a 50 P free fall lifeboat aft. If the enemy hits it, the 200 marines have to jump into the water and swim … It can only carry 12 passengers!!!
This roro cargo ship is loaded via an aft ramp dropped on a quay, i.e. it needs a port/quay, when anchors are dropped fwd. I operate similar ships myself.

I was on the Kieth as a cadet over this past winter and it does, in fact, submerge.