New Product: Bollard Pull Calculator (Ships) with Limiting Speed

We’re pleased to launch the Bollard Pull Calculator(Ships) with Limiting Speed

This Excel sheet helps you calculate the following:

  1. Required Static Bollard pull of a Tug used for towing a Ship-shaped vessel
  2. For a given environment, it calculates the limiting towing speed possible for the tow

This app calculates each of the following components separately and adds them to give the final Total Force and the required Bollard Pull

Following are the bases for calculation of different components

  1. Calm Water Resistance: Ref 5 below
  2. Wind Resistance: Ref 2 below
  3. Wave Drift Resistance : from ref 1 and ref 6 below
  4. Propeller Resistance and Hawser Resistance: Ref 4 below
  5. Limiting Speed: It further goes on to predict the limiting speed when the tow route environment details are provided by the user
    It creates a curve of the resistance vs tow speed, and predicts the limiting tow speed from the curve

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