Bollard Pull Calculator (Excel Engine)

Hi is an endeavor by a team of freelance Naval Architects to make available more online resources for the marine community.

The following applications are now available for download:

The following are now available for download through the website:

  1. Bollard Pull Calculator (Barges) - Excel Engine

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It is a spreadsheet to calculate the required bollard pull to Tow a Barge.
Very useful in Marine Operations
Gives 4 different methods to calculate the required Bollard Pull: DNV, OPL, BV and Empirical method.

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2. Bollard Pull Calculator (Ships) - Excel Engine

This Excel sheet calculates the required Bollard Pull to tow a conventional ship shaped vessel.
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  1. Cargo Forces and Accelerations Calculator

    It is a spreadsheet to calculate the forces and accelerations on a Cargo onboard a vessel.
    Very useful in Marine Operations. These forces and accelerations can further be used to design the seafastening for the cargo.

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  1. Ship Resistance Calculator

This is an excel sheet which calculates the total Calm Water Resistance of a Ship. It calculates all the components as per the Holtrop and Mennen method (1978) to give final calm water resistance.

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