New MARAD Admiral Phillips Stonewalls US Senate

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised about this.
No one outside our industry really seems too concerned about shipping, esp US Flag, and since we did such a great job pushing the “waiting area” off LA/LB over the horizon, problem solved and high 5’s all around! Little concern about this position, especially when she won’t answer an outspoken Republican. Sure she will be waved through and nothing will change for a few more years at least. Where are the Unions???

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No surprise. MARAD is not on most citizens radar, they could care less. Biden could appoint Homer Simpson to run MARAD , 99% of the population and 100% of congress would not care.


Actually, Homer Simpson would put MARAD on the radar. Many Americans would take an interest in MARAD with a charismatic and qualified Homer at the helm.

Nobody cares about this new and stereotypically unqualified diversity hire at an alphabet soup agency that no one has ever heard of. It’s just Government doing what government usually does, pissing away a lot of money and shuffling paper to cover it up.


Alright boys who is gonna take one for the team and go trans and run MARAD?