New Data Reveals Risk of Maritime Incidents in Ports and Terminals

“This statistic should be worrying to harbour masters and operations teams,” said Yucel Yildiz, RightShip’s Port and Terminal Manager. “Even though many larger ports are used to manage vessels of varying operational and safety standards each day, the data shows that the inherent risk while the vessel is within a port’s boundary is much larger than we previously thought.”

Don’t know if the accident / incident rate is really higher than previously known or if it’s just higher than the RightShip outfit knew.

The difference might be between “known” and documented. There’s a lot that everybody knows but the objective data is t always there.

“Maritime ESG company Rightship…”

WTF is this ESG stuff?

Ir it wasn’t a ESG company it would be Wrongship, not Rightship :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: