New Book - So You Want to Work on a Boat

'Just a heads up on a new book… [B][I]So You Want to Work on a Boat[/I][/B]. The book is about employment as a commercial mariner. It is a practical guide for employment aboard commercial vessels. The book outlines the industry, presenting the pros and cons of this line of work. It describes the various jobs and titles that arise on inland and ocean-going vessels, as well as the places where applicants should direct their efforts.

It discusses how to get hired, and provides templates for professional mariner resumes and cover letters. It discusses how to prepare for the interview process. The book also covers some of the burdensome dues of entering the field, such as MMCs, TWICs, and STCW certification. It includes lists of employers, including operators of container ships, towing vessels, OSVs, ferries, water taxis, research vessels, cruise ships, and dredging companies. It also covers government employers. A chapter is devoted to practical maritime law, including the unjust criminalization of seamanship or judgmental errors of professional mariners. It also touches upon laws and legal concepts that are important for commercial mariners to know.

The book also covers educational resources, including maritime academies, community colleges, private institutions and union schools. Since the industry isn’t for everyone, the book touches upon employment opportunities within the maritime community that do not require going to sea in the service of a vessel. These areas include shipyards, marine insurance, surveying, maritime security, cargo operations, and more.

So You Want to Work on a Boat, by Thor Robert Erikson is available on Amazon Books and is currently featured on


Sounds like a good read for those of us who have been sailing a while as well.

If it aint on kindle…I aint readin it

Note to author:
IF YOU WORK ON A BOAT, the Kindle is a very convenient way to bring along thousands of books for your underway as well as getting FREE 3g internet in most foreign ports of the world.

True that!

That free 3G is the only thing that kept me sane in Brazjl with no other options to keep in contact with home!

Also, if it’s not on the kindle, I probably won’t read it either. I find it takes too much effort to actually hold a book open! Sad I know…