New at sea

Hii.Im planning to start a career at sea.I have applied for my twic card and will be applying for my z card soon.I would greatly appreciate any advice on whether the workboat program train inexperienced deckhand and if so,how long is the course and how much does it cost?.Thanks

If I were you I would look into the apprenticeship program at piney point through the SIU. is where you can find info. The program is free and you get sea time and by the time it’s done you come out with a rating and a few bucks in your pocket. Weather to stay in the SIU or go non union is on you, it’s a good start and it’s free. Good luck man.

Search my friend, search. Look at Seattle Maritime Academy, the SIU school, the workboat academy, etc. You are asking a question that can be answered by simply going to their website and looking at the brochure for the class. Took me less than 30seconds to find contact information and course information. Have you even bothered to research the school yourself???

Look into NOAA, they hire entry level sailors all the time. Just check and then look up NOAA for GVA position, it’s basically an Ordinary Seaman.

They train new hires that need BST, but the training budget is getting thin.

I can vouch for the Workboat Mate program at PMI. Good school and good instructors.