Never will 5 Bucks do so much

Angel is a very religious person, and she takes in children that have no place to go. At one point she had 21 children, and here lies the problem; Angel’s little house is only about 1,100 square feet. Through her Ministry she has been able through donations to start to expand her house to accommodate these children. Unfortunately the project has been stalled for the past couple of years due to lack of funds. My local community has banded together to try and get the project back on track

I know everybody is hurting and trying to stretch their last dollar but I ask you to consider this.

As I am personally involved in this I can guarantee your contribution will be put to good use.

It would make me proud if my fellow mariners would band together for such a worthy cause. Just send $5.00 and change the lives of these children forever. You can go to the site below to donate or PM me if you need more details.
Also would you share on your Facebook page.
Fair Winds for 2016