Never feel like you HAVE TO stay working offshore

DC is expensive with a high income tax. $106,000, plus government benefits sounds good, but it may not be enough in DC.

NMC could benefit from hiring some experienced mariners, but I suspect that most mariners would find the job very frustrating. There must be some mariners that would be a good fit.

If NMC offered jobs with a month or two of training in West Virginia and then telecommuting after that, that might be attractive to mariners.


I just got off a couple days ago and I guess I have lived a blessed life. Sure there were some horrible Captains and Chiefs I worked under I guess but I have no problem remembering the great ones who made a big impression on me and taught me what it takes to be flexible and resilient.
Also when I got out of school years ago I had no house or problems, lived with my parents, had all my food and lodging PAID FOR, bought a big expensive house at 27 years old, married well and now have tons of real estate leading to an easy street retirement.
I once wrote to Outside magazine who surveyed “dream jobs” the winners were cliff bars because they offered free gym at lunch and free cliff bars. I said I just sailed under the Southern Cross past Mauritius, going around Africa on my way to 6 months paid vacation! Still young happy and beholding to none!!!

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A sailing job now doesn’t pay much more than it did back in the day but a house is 3-5x as much as it was even a few years ago. You’re not building a fortune on low 6 figures anymore.


For some reason, when I was sailing and supposed to be working even time. . .well, it never happened. I usually ended up working at least 9 months a year, often more.


Then it is really time to find something else. When I was sailing, most of the time I didn’t mine going back. I was more pissed off when I had to stay onboard longer. . . but that feeling passed once I started (finally) heading to the airport. The last sailing job I had was horrid. Crappy company, crappy vessel and the same with most of the crew. Had a lot of personal changes going on family wise, too. It was time.


I use to buy houses for cash and fix them up to rent or sell on my time off. I cannot afford to do it now.

Ooooo, you better dress lightly…

Guess what, a good solid work history gives you all the leverage to amass an empire. I’m kind of sick of hearing all the boo ho’s like it was ever easy to walk in and amass a fortune, it wasn’t then easy either.
Just remember every day spent at home costs money maybe a lot of money, gas, food, lodging is all expensive, throw in entertainment and staying home does not pencil.
Back in the “old Stone Age” circa 1986 I worked on a sleazy foreign flag cruise ship which paid almost nothing for 8 months, (well ok I got 1/2 off on my bar bill which was a nice benefit)! The result was $40000 in the bank and a good life since.
I never could have amassed that kind of money any other way, legally anyhow.
Add to that adventure trips to exotic foreign ports, some close friendships all over and it is an unbeatable package.
Anyway if you end up on a horrible ship in a horrible place, (ie the Gulf of Mexico in August) move on, I say in terms of savings a 150000 dollar job on land = a 70000 dollar job at sea in terms of saving and if you stretch it things can top that easy. I don’t deny that shipping companies could and should pay more, just go out and grab the life you deserve no one’s going to hand it over without conditions.

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