NEMO online Advanced Fire

It was good course materials, the tests were there for each section and the evaluation was by the book. Having been subjected to maritime training for over 40 years around the globe, NE Maritime is fine - in the middle of the pack.

MPT is good of similar standard but a bigger operation, with fantastic pool training facilities they use in a nearby city.

MSC in Freehold very good and US Navy in Norfolk was excellent for fire field exercises. Back in the day it was great with serious smoky oil fires one had to team up and put out. I have a vague memory of some US Navy damage control course with flooding one had to stop.

The place the AMO Star center used in FLL was very good - I think it was Resolve. Some place down Morgan City was was okay for HUET & SafeRig or whatever they call it nowadays.

Best in depth courses on deeper topics than BST was definitely MEBA in Easton or on Light Street in the day. That was a while back ….

Best hands on / classroom factory training … MTU Friedrichshafen but GE LM2500 course in Cincinnati was pretty darn good and the school (supports aviation training same place) was amazing. Definitely some cool machines there.

Online is good - it allowed me to deal with USCG AFF requirements from home in Germany this time around …. so I vote yes !

All the other stuff needed to renew required I come to USA and just deal with it wherever the sked matched. The location never mattered.

Get your AFF assessment done.

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