Need help cross-referencing ports a ship has called on

Hello, all -

Please excuse this rudimentary post, as I have very little experience in the merchant marine world. I am actually a journalist and documentary filmmaker, and I am currently investigating some smuggling that’s going on in Africa, trying to get a good idea of how much rice is moving from Thailand to West Africa as a whole. As such, I am trying to pinpoint ships moving between ports in Thailand and ports in West Africa.

I have played around for a while on, but as ships don’t go straight from Thailand to W Africa, it’s difficult to track.

Is there a way to search, for instance, for all ships that have called on two different ports in the last year, or something like that? Basically cross-referencing two ports connected by which ships?

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You would have to collate it yourself. But most large ports have a ‘list of arrivals’ ‘list of departures’ and a ‘list of on port vessels’ some even list as ‘anticipated arrival’ list. But, Most are difficult to find, or require registering to access their system.

The only thing I would suspect would be that companies aren’t wild about putting arrivals departures and origin/destination out there since the competition would get a leg up on where to compete. Good luck with your search.

Got it. That’s what I was afraid of!

Thanks so much!


Container lines publish their schedules in most cases. Good place to start perhaps.