Navy Seeks Home for Secret Vessel



– Anybody want some top-secret seagoing vessels? The Navy has a pair it doesn’t need anymore. It has been trying to give them away since 2006, and they’re headed for the scrap yard if somebody doesn’t speak up soon.
One is called Sea Shadow. It’s big, black and looks like a cross between a Stealth fighter and a Batmobile. It was made to escape detection on the open sea. The other is known as the Hughes (as in Howard Hughes) Mining Barge. It looks like a floating field house, with an arching roof and a door that is 76 feet wide and 72 feet high. Sea Shadow berths inside the barge, which keeps it safely hidden from spy satellites.

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Think of the totally awesome party barge you could make out of her to take to Lake of the Ozarks or Havasu? Don’t need any waterslides but the topless babes are going to have to pack themselves in kinda tight on that little deck up there but hey, nobody other captain’ll have his own stealth spyship! Think of the kinky James Bond games you could play!

gotta go…I’m on the phone to the Navy about this one!

once I get her, I think I’ll change my name here to c.blofeld

I am pretty sure this is the barge that used to be tied up near Pete’s Harbor in Redwood City, back when they were developing her in the 90’s…

Funny - I remember being a kid and seeing armed guards around it.