Navy and South China Sea


The USN has more to worry about than the S China Sea, Iran can close the Straits in an instant.


Apologies for my delay in responding, I was busy talking suicidal Europeans off the ledge in Eurabia. My first response is, from your response you are obviosuy an admirer of Joseph Stalin and Mao Zhedong as well as Vladimir Lenin who once stated that after the workers world revolution is fought, if 75% of the earth’s population are killed and the 25% leftstanding are Communist, it will have been worth it. You are technically correct, Hitler was a genocidal murderer, but take a deep breath and review the historical comparison I made. Actually closer to 60 million did die in WWII, but that includes all battlefield deaths, civilian casualties such as the starving millions of captured Soviet soldiers, German, allied soldiers, as well as millions of German and Japanese civilians in the industrial fire bombings of German and Japanese cities along with concentration camp deaths, millions being dragged off to Siberian gulags, Japanese mass murders, only a small fraction directly associated with Hitler’s democide which admittedly was bad enough but in context, rather small. Think about it, the entire world is today happily, cheerfully doing business with the same PRC government which murdered mostly through starvation tens and tens of millions of thier own people…would that ever have been tolerated with a fascist or nazi government; answer no and justifiably so. I am bringing in focus the historical comparisons of democide and genocide, As for your focus now on Vietnam, Iraq and the two atomic bombings in WWII is an example of myoptic blindness. By the way far more people were killed in the fire bombings of Dresden, Hamburg and Tokyo than Hiroshima and Nagasaki and in our dropping those two bombs directly and indirectly saved the lives of millions of American, allied, and most of all Japanese lives by ending the war abruptly. Also after the Communist “liberation” of Vietnam 1-2 million Vietnamese died/murdered/incarcerated. I am weak on the exact numbers, but the point is Communism-Globalism which Europe appears to embrace and render apologetics in defense of, has the most blood dripping from their hands, not to mention destruction of entire cultures, religions, economic systems and families and commnunties
BUT this is supposed to be a maritime blog so I will limit my responses in the future.


Progress reported on South China Sea talks at ASEAN meeting in Singapore:

More cooperation and joint training between China and ASEAN Navies also announced:


Please do, as what you have said so far is utter rubbish.


Not all agree that the resent break though is all it has been made out to be:


Will a game of push and shove trigger an incident?


Begrudgingly it would be better sooner than later.