Navy and South China Sea


Safety standards(not only for cars) are one of the major hurdles for obtaining trade agreement between the US and EU, or most other trading blocks and countries.
Here is an article in FT from Nov. -17:
Can’t find anything that directly compare US vs Korean standards, but it is apparently mainly environmental issues that is the problem.


It does show you are a man who likes to burn money. Some people see that as status, most people view them as idiots.


I like my Toyota Tundra pickup, and my Mercedes SUV. I save a lot of money buying them used at a lower price, with lower taxes, and lower insurance cost. They burn more $2.65 a gallon gasoline than a new Toyota Prius, but by buying used, my total cost of operation is lower. My cars are much more comfortable, safer, and useful, than a tiny eco-car.

If I lived in Norway and had to pay $8 a gallon for gasoline and $8 a pint for beer, maybe I could only afford to drive a Prius. That would probably motivate me to do like so many other Norwegians, move to the US and get a big American car. I notice a lot of hippy dippy eco-freaks driving little cars, but the Norwegians I meet around Seattle are all driving big American cars.


Cause and effect, if your life evolve around gas guzzlers, USA is your habitat. The rest of us who is actually trying to reduce our environment impact view a car as a tool to get from A to B.


Norwegians prefer electric cars, with Tesla as the bestseller:

Personally I haven’t owned a car since 1994 and I don’t miss it.
In Singapore I didn’t need one and since I’m retired I don’t have any great big need of a car of my own here in Norway either. I can get around by public transport, or get a ride from family and friends.


I am still driving my 1995 Ford Thunderbird LX V8 4.6 Ltr 220 HP. It was my lease car which I could buy when I retired. During all those years one small repair: replacement of a spark plug cable. And of course some new tires. Built like tank. Great quality car!


The new Malaysian Government is dropping the challenge over Pedra Branca:


swapped it in a deal to cancel the HSR??


China is doing its own “Freedom of Navigation” exercise:

Horror!!!, they got within 60 N.m. off a Taiwan claimed island.


Not one to defend the Navy and their operational prowess necessarily, however treating the murderous red Chinese, yes I said murderous PRC Red Chinese responsible for murdering 65~70 million people mostly in a democide of their own people, a demographic holocaust even overshadowing the sycophant left’s favorite mass murderer Joseph Stalin and rendering Hitler’s crimes as infantile in comparison and awarding them, (PRC), the right of freedom of navigation when they are claiming the entire South China Sea as their territorial waters, in itself pure insanity except to Euro-Trash coddling leftists such as yourself speaks for itself, but I digress. Presently in Europe and with strong family ties to the suicidal continent of Eurabia, hell bent on self extermination is painful, but not as painful as clueless Europeans racing headlong into extinction with a clueless smile on their faces and wanting to lecture us in teaching moments as our last President enjoyed doing.


Outstanding reply Alan Newport, I allowed myself to wander off the farm.


Love it. So much crazy condensed into one post.


Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki??
Remember Vietnam??
Remember Irak??


One Post?? In one Sentence!!!
No full stop to be found anywhere.

Causing a war that cost >50 Mill. lives is infantile??
From your rant I assume you are an admirer of Hitler??


Eurabia > Cultural Marxism > Frankfurt School

From here to the Frankfurt School in three clicks.


Eaaaaasy there grammar nazi…I suggest you police your own posts a little more closely before you begin throwing stones in that glass house of yours (remember Irak?)

I love it also…so much bluntness and truth in so few words…ok, so a little craziness also, but his heart is in the right place.




I’ll be specific as I should have known your patented deflection was coming:

Those parts…some parts repeated for emphasis


Irak or Iraq?? Depends on who you ask:


Since you’re participating in a US based forum, wouldn’t you assume you’d be using English (US)? I’m pretty confident in saying that we use the version with ‘q’.

As a side note, you’re not trying to imply you spelled it that way on purpose are you?