Nautilas Union UK

Does anyone know what the Nautilas Union is?

The about page says:
<p style="margin-left: 40px;]Nautilus UK is the trade union and professional organisation for some 18,000 ship masters (captains), officers, officer trainees (cadets) and shipping industry personnel, such as ship pilots, vessel traffic services operators (similar to air traffic control), harbourmasters, seafarers in the oil and gas industry, and shore-based staff.

The Union is affiliated to the Trades Union Congress and the International Transport Workers’ Federation. It works closely with the Netherlands-based shipping union Nautilus NL, and the two partners are hoping to establish Nautilus, a new union, in 2009 - subject to the approval of members.

Nautilus UK head office is in London, and the Union also has a regional office and a welfare complex in Wallasey, across the Mersey from Liverpool.

Pip pip, cheerio, hello old chap, green right returning, port to port?