National Hurricane Center on Twitter

Just found about this the other day. Worth following at sea if Internet access is available, also for shoreside with responsibilities for ships at sea. Good way to get updates.

Hurricane Specialist Unit Operations (@NHC_Atlantic and @NHC_Pacific)

These two accounts are the primary outlets for real-time, operational information or announcements regarding active tropical cyclones and disturbances, for our two basins of responsibility. In addition to the automated tweets that are generated whenever a Public Advisory (TCP) or Tropical Cyclone Update (TCU) has been issued, these accounts will be used to enhance the messaging or highligh points of interest from our public products. Because these accounts are primarily manned by the Hurricane Specialist on shift, we will be unable to respond to questions or otherwise interact with users on these accounts. Outside of hurricane season, @NHC_Atlantic and @NHC_Pacific will be used to announce other operationally oriented activities of the Hurricane Specialist Unit.

Of course “no single source should be relied upon” etc etc.

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Thx for the share KC. I added the Pacific one. Twitter is good to keep informed, its one of my main resources for up to the date info. Hope all is well. Cheers.

Another one I follow is National Weather Service Ocean Prediction Center. @NWSOPC

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This page is very comprehensive, and has mutiple Data feeds using API all in one place. Check it out.