Nathan E Stewart grounding

In times past I worked 6 on 6 off in the offshore. The worst was when the field was only one and a half hours steaming from the rig and no planning was required by the rig. We were the only boat and an ex fishing boat was the standby boat. A pilotage exemption ( after an examination and practical) was held by me but not the mate. After 28 days on the first week of my leave was a write off. But at least we had an AB cook.
It took some time to penetrate most people’s minds that 6 on 6 off doesn’t work and neither does the one man bridge in pilotage waters and STCW recognises that. Most oil patches in this part of the world insist on two watchkeepers on the bridge when alongside a rig now.
If I was doing the claim Kirby could whistle for any insurance payout.

According to the June 6 article.
It’s not just 6 & 6. Its also the crew size and bridge manning.
The 2nd mate was on the bridge on his own at night. On the Inside passage. In and out off narrow channels.
Even proposed rules around BINWAS. 15 minutes is way more than enough time to fall asleep and run aground. Will not resolve this basic fundamental failing.
This particular incident is close to home for me. It is not unusual. The Bridge crew falling asleep and the ship hitting a light house has happened way to often. Particularly with short sea costal shipping and FOC ships in Europe.

Yet owners and some flag states continue to oppose changes to HOW and push for continued crew reduction.