MSP slashed but half a billion dollars for ports to service foreign ships!

FUCKING OBAMA! Yes, you heard me say it! The US mariner is being SOLD DOWN THE RIVER! Oh thank you so FUCKING MUCH!

[B]U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces $474 Million for 52 Projects[/B]
September 05, 2013
By MarEx

Photo: Port of Houston Bayport Terminal Wharf Extension

The United States will make about $474 million in discretionary grants for transportation projects in 37 states, the Department of Transportation said on Thursday.

Projects ranging from bridge repair or replacement and port expansion will be funded under the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery, or TIGER, program, said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

TIGER grants, now in their fifth round, are among the only federal funding sources for large, multi-modal projects that often are not suitable for other federal funding. Foxx said the department had received 585 applications totaling more than $9 billion in grant requests, and pared the list down to 52 projects.

“These transformational TIGER projects are the best argument for investment in our transportation infrastructure,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “Together, they support President Obama’s call to ensure a stronger transportation system for future generations by repairing existing infrastructure, connecting people to new jobs and opportunities, and contributing to our nation’s economic growth.”

The funds are meant to piggyback on money from other sources, including private sector partners, states, local governments, metropolitan planning organizations and transit agencies.

An example of a project that will help jumpstart local and national economic growth is the $10 million investment in the Houston, Texas, Bayport Wharf extension project. The investment will allow the terminal to double its cargo capacity by 2033, supporting international trade with more than 1,000 ports in 203 countries. The project will increase the port’s ability to take advantage of the ships expected after the Panama Canal expansion and supporting President Obama’s goal of doubling exports. The project also will increase the productivity of the terminal by reducing truck waiting and idling times.

The 2013 TIGER round will support $1.8 billion in overall project investments, the Department said in a statement.

MSP slashed but half a billion dollars for ports to service foreign ships!

No. $63,001,000 of the $474M is allocated to port infrastructure improvements. Breakdown here:

[QUOTE=Mikey;119634]No. $63,001,000 of the $474M is allocated to port infrastructure improvements. Breakdown here:[/QUOTE]

BOSH! DoT still is giving the maritime industry (other than ports) short shrift and we all know it!

I wonder how much money the new Gulf of Mexico ports of Jacksonville, Savannah and Charleston each got?


And it’s actually $103 million if you count indirectly related projects.

American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) seems to be happy but what else are you gonna say after someone gives you a hundred million bucks.