MSC still gangway up

Thanks. I forgot to type the word “not”. I edited.

Respectfully, I am currently incarcerated on an MSC ship. Gangway up has been the reality for us for months. We are not in the Middle East.

Yes, ships are gangway down. There are ‘bubble ports’ in West Pac. Ships that are not expected to be underway in the next fourteen days are gangway down. That said, there are both CONUS and OCONUS CIVMARS that remained imprisoned. As I said, my shipmates and I remain incarcerated.

False. We were given host nation permission to go ashore. USN/MSC denied it. Repeatedly.

There’s the crux of the matter. If someone is unvaccinated (or claims to be) they get pre- deployment vacation. They also get pre-training vacation. What idiot would turn down paid time at home? That’s a nice bonus to remain or clam to be unvaccinated.

False. Ask me how I know.


I think DeckApe has credible contributions based on his/her experience on their particular vessel.


Time to leave MSC unless close to retirement. You know there are vultures ready to take over Civmar ships? Convert them to private contracts and pocket the profits. As someone told me, it is the “banks buying the US government.”


Just curious DeckApe, how long have you been with MSC?

Long enough for my MSC career to be a teenager. It used to be fun. Now it’s not. I’ll concede that I’ve become jaded, bitter and impatient in my middle age. How much is due to MSC and how much to my age is debatable.


It’s MSC’s fault. don’t blame yourself.

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It is probably a combination. Middle age is the beginning of wisdom.
According to some over middle age folks working with MSC I am told the organization acts as if it wants to dissolve and have the task turned over to contractors.

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I do agree with term limits in most cases. Admiral Buzby called out the MSC fleet breakout to see the readiness during his term. Many of “Concerned parties” were not happy about that. He exposed a glaring weakness. Although it won’t happen, wish he could get a final shot at the incompetency of Marad and MSC management. He knew it was a shit show before he took the job. Still as far as I know, no credible replacement. The madness continues in that fleet.

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I have heard of a couple people putting their hat in the pot.

Please share perhaps. Buttleague has not a clue. Surprise me.

I walked away after 17 years. I just could not take one more minute.

engine or deck?

I was deck department. A/B and Bos’n Mate

my condolences

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The job is actually pretty cool, but the work atmosphere is toxic.