MSC Getting Into The Piracy Action

Looks like MSC will be getting into the Somalia piracy action. Too bad it’s only as glorified prison guards…

The Navy Times tells us of the new “Pirate Brig”… an MSC ship.

The suspected pirates will likely stay aboard the Vella Gulf until sometime Thursday, when they’ll be transferred to a new temporary brig aboard the Military Sealift Command supply ship USNS Lewis and Clark. One of the Lewis and Clark’s cargo holds has been outfitted with foam pallets and portable toilets to serve as a holding area for as many as 26 people. A detachment of Marines aboard the ship serves as guards.

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Are they using the freezer holds? That should be comfy…

here’s the navy link:

That’s probably the best couple nights of sleep those pirates have ever gotten. A mattress, shoes, and three meals, can they ask for more?

That’s a security nightmare. I’m sure glad that I’m not the ATO on that ship.