MRM - A Sea Story

A few years back I was anchored in the “offshore” anchorage to bunker. The barge was alongside and we were taking on bunkers when the weather deteriorated.

The bunker barge was stretching out it lines as the wind gusted and the ship yawed. But I didn’t want to stop the operation because I wanted to get done with bunkers so I could shift to the inshore anchorage (no bunkers allowed inside). That way the crew could get some rest that night before shifting to berth for cargo ops.

So I’m thinking the barge must be OK, otherwise they would say something. Then I remembered something that @john had written about getting info from sources off the ship.

So I gave the bunker ship a call “how is your situation?” The bunker ship captain answered “my situation is very bad” So we agreed to cut loose and wait.

Presumably the bunker ship captain was as reluctant to delay bunker ops as I was. But once I brought up the question the other captain immediately agreed it was wiser to stop the ops and disconnect.