Movie scenes with an anchor assisted turn

Somewhere on this forum I might have proclaimed that the only movie showing a ship making a turn with an anchor was the movie Battleship.

Just recently I stumbled onto a second one. A Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Both these movies are “Not to be used for Navigation” in case anyone misses that.


The gun crew on the battleship had a rate of fire comparable with a 40mm canon. It must of been great fun making those movies.

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Having not long ago watched the video of the turret crawl in USS Iowa, and learnt you can’t simply walk into a gun turret from below desks without going deep down and then up from near the magazines, I’m impressed that a few guys could lug a projectile from somewhere else to load and fire it … oh and hit. A fine show of manliness. BZ.

I was also impressed by how simple it was to release that anchor cable.

That must raise the question of whether the inboard end should be strongly attached to a deck clench of tested to 120% of the cable breaking strain or just tied with a bit of old rope as seems to be a common practice.

There are lots of videos of the cable party watching as their beloved cable totally disappears down the hawse pipe just like in the clip.

Good review from The Atlantic; of a not that bad movie.

‘Battleship’: Not as Bad as It Should Have Been

If you’re the kind of person who asks such questions, this is probably not the movie for you.

How many people would watch that movie and think “I noticed a few errors in that movie that I’d like to comment on”?

More then you’d think: