More trouble for Vestas Wind in Volvo race

Vestas was sailing in a 25 to 30-knot northerly wind with 3-meter waves but the mast buckled above the first spreader and tumbled over the side. The crew was able to cut the mast away before it did any real damage to the hull and they motored to the Falkland Islands where they are trying to assess what’s next for them. Meanwhile Team Sun Hung Kai Scallywag have retired from the leg and made landfall in Chile. Dutch Team Brunel was first across crossed the finish line off Itajai, Brazil

Leg 8 starts on 04/22 they should be there way in advance of that with no other problems. As one poster stated these pictures are consistent with converting Ballast tanks to fuel storage?

Vestas 11th Hour racing is currently in the lead of Leg 8 with a very slight lead of 1.1 NM in front of Turn The Tide on Plastic. That could change rapidly? Dongfeng Race Team currently in 3rd is 1.8 NM Distance to Leader.

Update 8 hours later: Vestas is no longer in the lead, they are now in 2nd place 10.9 NM behind the leader TTOP - These were the positions about 8 minutes ago 21:43 UTC

Vestas was taken by deliver crew to Itajai where they were able to fit a spare mast - ironically it’s the same one they used (as Alvimedica) in the last Volvo race. The Vestas team has confidence in this mast and expect it to stay up through the finish.

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A street lamp named desire…

Led by delivery captain and renowned record-setting Irish sailor Damian Foxall, a delivery crew motor sails out of the Falkland Islands en route to Itajaí, Brazil. Having re-purposed an old street lamp that was found next to a shed, the crew reached maximum speeds over 12 knots using their lamppost mast and cobbled-together sail inventory. With their new Southern Spars rig installed in Brazil, and the team currently leading by a narrow margin, they are hoping this unbelievable adventure can culminate with a leg victory into skipper Charlie Enright’s hometown of Newport, RI.
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Really close race - Leg 8 almost over.

TBRU moved closer since the screen shot. 1.08 DTL nm now. The tracker is live now.

Third place and podium for @Vestas11thHour into hometown of #Newport! :3rd_place_medal: Great job team! :trophy:

Official finish time: 10:59:04 UTC will get them 5 points